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CVCC Foundation and Art of Compassion present original artwork to United Way of Catawba County

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The donation of the mural was made possible by the CVCC Foundation Inc.
and The Art of Compassion, an initiative supported by team members Robert
and Julie Lackey. The goal of The Art of Compassion is to inspire and promote
compassion, kindness, and love for others through education, arts, and

Jennifer Jones, executive director for the CVCC Foundation, said, “CVCC is a
proud sponsor and supporter of the mission of The Art of Compassion and has
held several student events on campus focused on kindness and unity. This
collaborative piece of artwork — created by those attending the recent
S.T.A.R.T Gala event — embodies the spirit of The Art of Compassion and is
inspired by the collaborative heart of our community. We chose to donate the
piece to our local United Way, as their commitment to serving with passion
and purpose perfectly aligns with the heart of The Art of Compassion.”
Robert and Julie Lackey were present for the May 15 unveiling. Robert Lackey
shared kind words about the work of United Way and the impact of CVCC,
stating that “both have certainly been exemplary and invaluable in helping our
mission to continue to move into their businesses and further into our

“We are honored to be working with them,” he said, “and are extremely
grateful for all they do. The S.T.A.R.T. Gala mural, which was presented to the
United Way in recognition of their ongoing work to spread compassion and
kindness, was yet another great idea to help connect education and art to the
many great service organizations in our community.”
The Art of Compassion, along with its nearly 50 community partner
organizations, hopes to establish more opportunities to give back and help this
area become known as the “kindest community in the nation.”

To learn more about The CVCC Foundation Inc., or to make a donation,
contact foundation@cvcc.edu. To learn more about The Art of Compassion movement, visit theartofcompassion.net. To learn more about
United Way Catawba County, visit ccunitedway.com.

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