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If you have access to your code or your WordPress content, you can copy and paste the following into your HTML/code box to link back to us. Replace the link field with the URL/address of your choice. If you are a verified organization find your page on our website and link back to that. Otherwise send this page to your webmaster.


<a href="PAGE ADDRESS"> <img width="100%" height="auto" src="IMAGE ADDRESS" decoding="async" class="aoc-backlink" alt="DESCRIPTION"> </a>


Download the images and upload them to your website. The src field should be the address of the image on your website. If you link the image from the Art of Compassion, it may break your site. Even if it works now, we may make changes later.
the art of compassion logo black
<a href="" rel="dofollow"> <img width="100%" height="auto" src="" decoding="async" class="aoc-backlink" alt="the Art of Compassion logo black simple"> </a>
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