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CVH provides whole-person healthcare that integrates physical and mental health for adults. CVH provides services for those insured and uninsured in the community.

Get involved! You can contribute to Catawba Valley Healthcare in some of the following ways:

Financial Contribution

Sponsoring a monthly birthday party for clients (estimated $50/mo)
Caring and Sharing program
↪ $50/person to assist with Medicaid/Medicare patients for copays. $100-assist uninsured patients to access necessary primary care treatment and labwork. $200-provide access to primary care for one uninsured patient for 6 mos. $500-pay utility deposit and assist with rent deposits for one individual transitioning to independent living.
A day activity for our adult intellectual disabled clients in our "Lifeskills" program
↪ Activities such as Art, Exercise, cooking, etc.
Assisting staff in pursuing educational opportunities

Tangible Items

Art supplies for our adult intellectual disabled clients in our "Lifeskills" program
Tickets to events held during the day for Lifeskills or weekends for Residential clients
Tickets or giftcards for recreational events (can be during the day, evening or weekend)
↪ movie tickets, bowling, sporting events, etc.
Greenway bus tickets, gift cards for Lyft/Uber
↪ Jobs can range from clerical, janitoria, hospitality for Connections clients
Gift cards for meals or free tickets to events in the community for staff apprecitation


Companies to provide employment opportunities to our clients in our "Connections" program
Staff wellness opportunities to promote work-life balance
Provide a classroom activity (ex: art class, dance, exercise)
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