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Catawba County Hispanic Ministry “Centro Latino”

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Provide a Christian response to the needs of Latinos in our community, closing the cultural gap between Spanish and non-Spanish speakers through advocacy, service and training.

Catawba County Hispanic Ministry, commonly known as “Centro Latino,” is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the Hispanic community in Catawba County, North Carolina. With a deep commitment to addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by the Hispanic population, Centro Latino has become a trusted resource and a pillar of support within the community.

Centro Latino was founded with the vision of fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where Hispanic individuals and families can access vital services, educational opportunities, and cultural enrichment. The organization recognizes the importance of preserving and celebrating the rich heritage, traditions, and contributions of the Hispanic community.

At the core of Centro Latino’s mission is providing comprehensive support and assistance to individuals and families navigating life in a new culture. The organization offers a wide range of services, including language interpretation and translation, assistance with immigration processes, access to healthcare resources, and referrals to legal, educational, and social services. By bridging language and cultural barriers, Centro Latino empowers individuals to access the resources they need to thrive and succeed.

In addition to its practical support, Centro Latino fosters community connections and a sense of belonging through various educational and cultural programs. The organization offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to help individuals improve their language skills, enhance their employability, and engage more fully in their new community. Centro Latino also organizes cultural events, workshops, and celebrations, providing opportunities for individuals to share their traditions, strengthen cultural ties, and promote cross-cultural understanding.

Centro Latino understands the importance of advocacy and empowerment within the Hispanic community. The organization actively engages with local and regional partners, as well as government agencies, to advocate for the rights, needs, and interests of the Hispanic population. Centro Latino works to address systemic barriers, promote equal access to resources, and foster a more inclusive society for all.

The success of Centro Latino is made possible through the dedication of its passionate staff, volunteers, and community partners. These individuals work tirelessly to ensure that the services and programs provided are responsive to the evolving needs of the Hispanic community and promote their overall well-being.

Through its unwavering commitment to service, cultural preservation, and community empowerment, Catawba County Hispanic Ministry, Centro Latino, has become a vital and trusted organization for the Hispanic population in Catawba County. By providing resources, support, and a sense of belonging, Centro Latino is transforming lives and fostering a more inclusive and thriving community for all.

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