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Acts of Kindness
Services Provided

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Get involved! You can contribute to YMCA in some of the following ways:

Financial Contribution

Program support for kids
↪ $50-gives the opportunity to learn water safety, swimming and drown prevention. $80-allows a child to participate in one season of youth sports. $125-allows one teen a week's experience of Leaders-In-Training camp. $250-provides a sports team a season of physical fitness and team building skills. $500-provides individual access to evidence-based healty living initiatives LiveStrong for cancer survivors, diabetes prevention, parkinsons's patients. $900-provides a family one year's membership including activities for improved health and friendships. $1400-allows a child to be enrolled in a safe, secure educationally stimulating child development center for 8 weeks.
Investors for Capital building expansion, renovation & rejuvenation
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