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OUTright Youth

Acts of Kindness
Services Provided


OUTright Youth of Catawba Valley’s mission is to create safer schools and communities for our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning, (LGBTQ+) youth while providing a safe space for youth to gather and learn skills directly benefiting their general and mental health.

Get involved! You can contribute to OUTright Youth in some of the following ways:

Financial Contribution

Operating expenses
Annual Wise Mind Academy for the youth
↪ $7,000 is the total amount for Wise Mind Academy

Non Perishable Items

Snacks, drinks and other non-perishable food for the Center

Tangible Items

New or gently used teen-sized clothing
Kitchen and bathroom supplies
Gas card, Lyft, Uber gift cards to get them to and from the center


Volunteer to staff Youth Group Meetings (Criminal Background Check Required)
Provide dinner and/or snacks for youth meetings
Plan a program for the youth
Learn more about the involvement and services opportunities of 
OUTright Youth